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It is important to have a qualified therapist to apply compression bandages and prescribe compression garments.


Compression Bandaging is generally utilised in the early, decongestive phases of treatment for chronic conditions, although some individuals require either episodic or ongoing regular compression bandaging depending on their individual clinical needs.


Oedema Clinics provide a wide range of compression bandaging options along with Compression Garments for active decongestion in all forms of oedema:

  • Chronic Venous Insufficiency - CVI
  • Lymphoedema
  • Post-surgical swelling
  • Dependent Oedema
  • Post-liposuction
  • Acute onset oedema

Our aim is to provide individually tailored, cost-effective decongestion compression to obtain optimal results.


Prescription depends on so many individual factors and all must be considered carefully for a successful outcome.


Oedema Clinics therapists are ALA quailfied in the management of lymphoedema, including compression garment prescription, measurement and fitting. We have access to all brands and can tailor make each compression garment solution to each client or refer you further to get suitable tailor made compression garment if needed.


If you have lymphoedema and need to wear compression garments it is necessary to work closely with your therapist to achieve the best solution for your lifestyle and circumstances.