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Cancer Care

Cancer treatments often involve surgery and/or radiation oncology, both often result in damage to the soft tissues in the area of treatment. Sometimes there are marked changes to the way  way soft tissues look and feel after the skin has healed and to the way the adjacent limbs move. These physical changes can lead to further complications severely impacting on function and quality of life. 


Oedema Clinics therapists specialise in therapies designed to address specific soft tissue damage and changes resulting from cancer treatments and are dedicated to achieving optimal outcomes for our patients. We want to return you to as close to normal functioning as soon as possible.


We also have specific exercise classes and early intervention programs that address all possible functional changes due to cancer treatment.


Scar tissue needs to be assessed early to ensure that the tissues are healing in the best possible way. As soon as the stitches are removed or the skin has healed is the perfect time to see the Oedema Clinics specialists.


Oedema (fluid in the tissues or swelling) can be particularly concerning after surgical and/or radiation oncology cancer therapies and can sometimes be a precursor to chronic conditions, which is why these forms of oedema need prompt assessment and treatment to reduce the chance of chronic complications.


Our Early Intervention Program specifically assesses all the complications arising from the treatment of cancer with surgery or radiation oncology.