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Wholistic services for optimal wellbeing



Complex Lympoedema Therapy | Comprehensive Assessment | Comression Garment Prescription

Oedema Clinics therapists aim to assist our clients reach optimal wellness whether the condition suffered is temporary or chronic.


As Lymphoedema specialists we provide a comprehensive service to enable each client to reach optimal wellbeing in an wholistic manner.


Our services include:


Complex Decongestive Therapy for Lymphoedema

Compression garment prescription and measurement, includes ready-to-wear and custom-made options

Individual exercise instruction

Tailored exercise classes

Rehabilitation post sugery or injury

Skin and nail care

Self-massage instruction

Kinesio Taping

Night time compression garment prescription

Early Intervention and Screening for Lymphoedema



Oedema Clinics Physiotherapist have studied in several specialised fields which complement the Lymphoedema services to maintain our wholistic approach to rehabilitation and recovery from all forms of cancer therapy


Our Specialties:



Continence and Pelvic Floor- Starting soon!!


CANexercise - Proactive Rehabilitation -  STARTING SOON!!!

This program is unique and has been designed for patients undergoing or recovering from cancer treatment. This program includes active rehabilitation exercise targeting post-treatment conditions such as loss of function (or range of motion), muscle impairment or weakness, lymphatic drainage (yes you can do specific exercises to enhance your lymphatic drainage) and postural changes leading to imbalance to ensure effective movement and ongoing improvement. More information on the CANexercise program.


CANscreen - Early Intervention and Screening for Lymphoedema


Designed for patient's undergoing cancer therapies that interrupt the lymphatic system, and place the individual at increased risk for developing lymphoedema. The risk depends on many factors and can be as high as 45%. Screening is important to detect sub-clinical signs and provide proactive therapy to eliminate need for more intense obtrusive therapy in the future. More information on the CANscreen program.




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