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Referral by Health Professionals

Referrals are generally not required for the Oedema Clinics services or programs.

A referral  is required for Physiotherapy treatment under Medicare (as part of a Chronic Disease Management Plan), accident insurance, DVA or WorkCover.

A referral is also recommended in patients who are post-DVT, have cardiac failure, have metastatic disease or are undergoing current cancer therapy or have lower limb ulcers. If your client requires compression bandaging for any type of leg ulcers, the referral must include BPBI results to ensure arterial compromise has been considered, and that it is safe to apply compression.



Oedema Clinics welcome GP or specialist enquiries or bookings on behalf of your patients. If you require a referral slip for ease of booking, please contact us directly or fill the form (below) to order a pad.


Your patient can make appointments themselves as desired, by calling our central phone bookings service - 1300 463 336 or 0410 490936.


Referring Pad for Healthcare Professionals

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FREE Education Sessions  for Healthcare Professionals

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