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General Physiotherapy

Oedema Clinics embrace wholistic therapies to maintain high success rates in healing, pain relief, oedema reduction, rehabilitation following fractures, surgery, muscle, tendon, ligament and joint injuries. Whatever the injury or condition, we get you and your life moving again.


Physiotherapy is essential to rehabilitation after any injury whether it is done on the sports field, work site, on the beach or in the home. Expert assessment and guidance can mean the difference between a quick recovery and ongoing, or chronic, physical difficulties.


The Oedema Clinics advantage is the use of the innovative PhysioTouch to quickly remove the fluid build up and pain that is the initial response to injury thereby allowing the physiotherapy intervention to be more effective, returning you to normal movement at a much faster rate.


Why is Oedema so important?

Oedema is the one of the body's normal response to injury, along with pain and inflammation, and is commonly known as swelling, excess fluid in the cavities or the tissues of the body or fluid retention. Oedema has an important part to play in the natural healing process by containing additional proteins (mainly collagen) for the repair process and providing an environment where these proteins are freely available to the tissues.


Mostly oedema is temporary, although some people experience oedema flare ups more than other and there are several conditions where oedema is chronic and uncontrolled. Lymphedema is one of these conditions and requires expert attention. See Lymphoedema.


Untreated and persistent oedema can lead to swelling so excessive that pain, stiffness of the skin and joints cause extreme mobility problems. It also decreases blood circulation, negatively affects elasticity of the arteries and increases the risk of infection in the affected area – all complications that can impede on healing by obstructing the flow of blood throughout the body and to the injury site.


In healing, severe oedema that causes any damaged tissue to be deprived of local blood supply will slow down healing or prevent healing altogether. Advances in Skin & Wound Care,


Post-surgical oedema can lead to slow or incomplete healing and increases the rehabilitation time, not to mention causing ongoing pain and decreased mobility.


Oedema Clinics Physiotherapy involves application of the new innovative PhysioTouch to assist the body to naturally improve the lymphatic system's ability to remove excess tissue fluid from the injured areas and hasten healing. The PhysioTouch is a gentle and pleasant treatment allowing for increased tissue mobility in vertical and horizontal planes without pain!



Some common conditions needing Oedema Clinics Physiotherapy

Sports Injuries

Surgical wounds

Joint replacement

Fluid on the Knee

Swollen Feet


Swollen Lymph Nodes

Swollen Joints


Chronic Venous Insufficiency

Pregnancy Related Oedema


Dependent Oedema