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Post-Orthopaedic Surgery


Our Physiotherapists provide comprehensive treatment to  help you get back on your feet following orthopaedic surgery in no time. Post-operative orthopaedic physiotherapy is essential to balanced and timely rehabilitation.




We pride in providing the highest standard in "hands on" rehabilitation and have the added advantage of using the innovative PhysioTouch - a negative pressure lymphatic activation device to improve oedema reduction times - enabling the you to move through your rehabilitation with fewer problems caused by persistent swelling (oedema), such as pain and stiffness.


Individualised plans are developed and progression is mapped from the acute stages of post-operative recovery through to successful pain-free return to regular activities.


Acute or chronic orthopaedic conditions benefit from the application of the PhysioTouch treatment.


A pre-operative Physiotherapy consultation is extremely beneficial to strengthen and prepare for orthopaedic surgery. Specific functional analysis and individualised exercise programs can make your orthopaedic surgery experience smoother and get you back into life faster.


Types of Surgery requiring post-operative rehabilitation:

Total Hip Replacement

Total Knee Replacement

Tendon Repair

Carpal Tunnel Release